Focus of the Dragon Tribe International School

The key to success of the learning intentional community.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Through having an interdisciplinary learning, contemplative studies, and systems thinking, the goal of the education at Dragon Tribe is to allow students to transcend their limitations and go towards thinking more interconnectedly about the world around them. Everything is living to the world and so are the students learning it.

Balanced Approach

There are many different approaches to learning and many of them, both alternative and public conventional school in America, tend to be biased towards one aspect of learning. We seek to embrace all form of learning for different learners and to teach learners to use all of them fully for their own benefits.

Vision of Global Citizenship and Honor

In the world where capitalism is the norm, the goal of the Dragon Tribe education is to help children examine their own place in the global citizenship in order for them to become leaders of society's tomorrow. Through finding that connection between self and the world, the students are more engaged with the society they live.

Narrative Evaluation

Inspired by Evergreen State's way of teaching students, we, the Dragon Tribe, seek to create meaningful narrative evaluations of the students and teachers in order to assess their learning progress throughout the years and it will give us a holistic understanding of what the student can learn or work on.

Family-Whole Student Approach

Students are intiated into tribes and will be bonding with a residential teacher while learning from teachers that are going to teach them both the interdisciplinary learning and the life skills needed for them to succeed.

Professional Training and Internship

Throughout the school year, the students get opportunities for internships, volunteering, and entrepreneurial training that allows them to prepare them to be both global citizens and leaders.


Part of the curriculum is to develop leaders throughout the time when the student enters the school till the time he or she graduates. The student exercise the honor code of the community and live intentionally.

Traditional Medicine and Martial Arts

The ancients know very well the art of sustainably grow crops and other traditional herbs for healing. The students get to learn about the science and mechanics of nature and the body while utilizing that for their own survival and conflict resolution.

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The Vision of the Kingdom School

The Dragon Tribe International School’s vision is to be a bridging gap between the various diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and cognitive-emotional development of people throughout the world, in both rural and urban communities through both the web and in person and the powerhouse of designing leaders who are ready to face the hardship society offer to them in the 21st century. We are an educational community institution that offers interdisciplinary learning and familial settings to students and their families by offering hands-on, experiential, and contemplative education to students in alignment with indigenous cultures and their respect for the environment around them. We seek to create more leaders that defend the planet, serves the people, and build profit in the pursuit of bridging cultures and people together and to bring a more equitable world.

The Members and Teachers of the Tribe

Some of the teachers that helped found the school or help it grow throughout the years ahead. You could be one of the teachers on this list.
Andy Lai (Arakhthanda)

Andy Lai (Arakhthanda)

Founder/Elder Leader

News and Announcements

What is going on in the Dragon Tribe International School?