The teachings of the Dragon Tribe International School

Some of the teaching philosophy of the school and what we offer to the world.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Through having an interdisciplinary learning, contemplative studies, and systems thinking, the goal of the education at Dragon Tribe is to allow students to transcend their limitations and go towards thinking more interconnectedly about the world around them. Everything is living to the world and so are the students learning it.

Balanced Approach

There are many different approaches to learning and many of them, both alternative and public conventional school in America, tend to be biased towards one aspect of learning. We seek to embrace all form of learning for different learners and to teach learners to use all of them fully for their own benefits.

Vision of Global Citizenship and Honor

In the world where capitalism is the norm, the goal of the Dragon Tribe education is to help children examine their own place in the global citizenship in order for them to become leaders of society's tomorrow. Through finding that connection between self and the world, the students are more engaged with the society they live.

Narrative Evaluation

Inspired by Evergreen State's way of teaching students, we, the Dragon Tribe, seek to create meaningful narrative evaluations of the students and teachers in order to assess their learning progress throughout the years and it will give us a holistic understanding of what the student can learn or work on.

The Vision of the Intentional Community

The Vision of the Intentional Community

We; the students, teachers, parents, villagers, and community/family members of the Dragon Tribe International School; embody the agape for all humanity through the leadership of knowledge, understanding, interdependence, and respect for life, and liberty. We take joy and ecstasy into seeing the progress of the human race and to see one another as family members within the vast desert of hatred and destruction. Our actions, no matter what original source it comes from, comes through our beliefs in our greatest purpose, agape, and in the civic intelligence of our members, and our power comes from the unity and effort of our members.

The Members and Teachers of the Tribe

Some of the teachers that helped found the school or help it grow throughout the years ahead
Andy Lai (Arakhthanda)
Andy Lai (Arakhthanda)
Founder/Elder Leader

About the Kingdom School


A Leadership Boarding School for Future Generations

The Early Times of the Kingdom School

Beginnings of Dragon Tribe

The history of the Dragon Tribe started out first as the Naturopathic Elixir of Life community in 2008. Originally, the founder Andy Lai desire to create an organization where health care access to alternative treatments is accessible to all. However, during his time at Naropa University and the Evergreen State College, his perception changed. He found health relies on not only personal effort but also communal involvement. People desire belonging and inter-dependability to enhance their wellbeing.

The Transformation of the Founder and the Beginning of the Kingdom School

The Education at Evergreen State College and Naropa University: The Second Transformation of the Kingdom School

It is through this knowledge I changed the mission of Dragon Tribe. While I am writing my book, a vision came to me about the community. Immediately, I jot down my ideas. Through those ideas, I created the creed and the educational philosophy I want to teach. Furthermore, with the need to create great and inspirational leaders for generations to come, I came to create the Dragon Tribe community where it became an intentional community.

Thus, in 2016, I have come to learn Evergreen State curriculum’s effectiveness. I see the bigger picture of learning and it gave fuel to my passion for social welfare and equity as the curriculum transforms me towards being a social leader myself. I learn that through leadership comes with learning and through learning comes exploration. Thus, it is how the community came to incorporate such curriculum, along with many others, into its ways of teaching which led me and many others to create this community. If you like to read about our mission and vision statement, please click here.

The Third Transformation: Where it Is Today

Then, somehow, during my time at the Evergreen State College and internship at various different organizations, I came to realize there is more to democracy. I came to see, through research, most of the nations that are the most democratic in the world today have been constitutional monarchies where a king or a head leader helps oversee the nation’s problems and progress while consulting with his advisors in order to ensure safety to the people. It is through such understanding that I, as a founder, have changed it now to a kingdom school where it models the constitutional monarchy. It is through trust and initial intimacy which allows the students and teachers to not only have a strong familiarity with the school’s culture, but also what it can offer to the community in a deeper way.

Furthermore, through the various corporates that have created the triple bottom line, I decided that the most influential businesses which have pushed for the change in the world are the ones that have been corporates but have included a “triple bottom line” philosophy: planet, people. profit. When there is a wealthy planet, there will be people who will be satisfied, which leads to better and stable profits, which can then be used to reinforce the cycle. Thus, the Dragon Tribe International School can change the model of its business to accommodate the needs of the tribe.


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