Happy New Year Dragon Tribe International School 2017

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Letters from the Founder Andy Lai

Welcome family members of the Dragon Tribe and Visitors,

I, the founder of the Dragon Tribe International School, would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year as we are approaching the year 2017. During these upcoming times, I will be working towards my Bachelor’s Degree at the Evergreen State College in the Environmental Science and Education. The goal I am seeking to gain through those college experience is to enhance and design better ways to educate young minds through mother nature and her relationship with her creations. Through such understanding will lead to self-sustainability, stability, and growth. Therefore, it is my honor that I am still serving you while I am in school. However, there are more to what this coming year can offer to you.

Throughout my time in college, I work on writing my books, along with participating in internships at private schools which teach student-teachers like myself. It is through this professional development, I believe, will lead to me understanding my fellow Dragons. Thus, as a member of the Dragon Tribe, I encourage members to continue their education, regardless of age. Please use this as a reminder of one basic truth of human nature: we never stop learning and growing.


Andy Lai

Updates on the Website and Other Events at the Dragon Tribe

Dragon Tribe website is currently going under construction. First, because the school is still working on researching and planning the curriculum in which to teach the community members, both young and old. Second, the founder continues his education first at Evergreen and will pursue a doctorate degree in the future. Once both of those goals are fulfilled, we will let you know our further progress. 

Some of our future projects are 1) finding a location and property for the school 2) implementing and teaching the curriculum, along with opening doors for students and parents to join. 


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