Brave Members Shall Enter the Road of the Heroic Leaders

Throughout human history, there are tales of people who makes great contribution to society. However, the heroes and leaders are buried away in history and sometimes forgotten. But there is one thing they leave behind so that we can remember them by: their immovable dedication to the cause. In the time of great need, there is a call for leaders.

The Dragon Tribe International School is a boarding school which makes leadership its foundation and cause. From our curriculum to some of the interdisciplinary learning we do, the primary goal is to teach students to see clearly through all knowledge they are given, regardless of where they get their source. The secondary goal is to transcend personal limitations and reach new personal limits. We seek to create leaders of compassion, creativity, diplomacy, and clear-mindedness.

The Dragon Tribe is first an intentional community for students and their families to grow and second an ecovillage school headquartered in Washington state where it is closest to nature. Through nature we imagine, collaborate, and grow. Through imagination, innovation is born and leadership comes through taking actions toward our innovative thoughts.

There is a Vietnamese proverb which states “teach your young from an early age”. Because of this, we are a part of a group of innovative schools in the nation which strives to change the lives of students at a young age.