Our Constitution

The Agreements and Commitments of the Dragon Tribe


I see the agreement of devastation caused by greed, ignorance, violence, and alienation found in the corporate, mundane, ancestral, and spiritual world as manifestations of exploitation of wisdom traditions and its teachings, hoarding of wealth towards an elite few, separation and division of groups of people from one another, distortion of sacred teachings for personal gain, malice, segregation, and belittlement against a group of people, and devastations of inherent ancestral wisdoms. Because of this, I, the member of the Dragon Tribe International School, am committed to be a bridge for all people, an ambassador for all views and creeds, a warrior for the people and innocent lives, and a teacher and parent for young generations to come. I seek to live up the values endorsed within this constitution.

Agreement to Agape

Love never falters when agape is built upon the foundation of seeing others as oneself, as a part of one’s own blood. Standing by agape, I shall treat other people with equity without segregation against any one person or a group of people due to their differences from myself, regardless of whether they are a part of my tribe or not. Agape helps me learn this: everyone is part of one human family and thus my descendants and forefathers are your descendants and forefathers.

I believe agape, unconditional love, can shatter the boundaries between me and other people outside of myself. I seek to love others as I would love myself where I nurture myself with edible foods that nurture me and it includes foods pertaining to my spiritual, cognitive, ancestral, and emotional development. When I nurture myself, I too shall nurture others in the same manner. Given that agape gives birth to honour, compassion, equanimity, and other virtues, I seek to see others as my brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, families, and companions that both depended upon my actions as I have depended on them for my own need. I love my kin and my neighbors by demonstrating I have their best interest in mind always rather than to be clouded by my own needs and desires.

Knowing that unconditional love is the birth of civilization and higher order social organization, I seek to grow my unconditional love to those that I care about most, which includes my families and friends, and those I care the least, which includes my enemies and strangers, with equanimity according to their needs.

Agreement to Transcendence

I know wisdom is built through my own personal knowledge of the situation as a whole and my involvement in what I learned. I seek to always aim towards transcendence beyond all limitations like the phoenix rise from the ashes. Through transcendence, I seek to see through both the extremes of stances and come to a stance that includes all phenomenon and benefit all parties. When I see clearly through the route of the middle path, which is the doorway to transcendence, I make decisions that pertain to the benefits of all beings rather than to benefit only one party involved.

I know transcendence leads to advancement within my own thinking and within others. Therefore, I seek to know all sides of the reality I see before I jump into conclusion and shall listen to all with the desire to reach a common agreement. I shall not use my own transcendence as a means to put down my opponent or my family and friends and instead use it towards a collective gain. I help the least and most of my kind gain a wisdom which is praised by the wise because I learn through such transcendence,  I establish myself and others a foundational knowledge which I and my descendants can rely upon when I am lost. 

Agreement to Knowledge and Wisdom

I accept knowledge as a sacred virtue found throughout the ancient world. When situations are ambiguous, I question information until I learn the total of the situation, seeking knowledge by seeing the situation clearly, and critically think through information and its purposes, including information that seeks to propagandize me or led me to lean towards a biased understanding. Given that knowledge and wisdom are complementary virtues of a member of the Dragon Tribe, I cultivate both knowledge and wisdom equally every day. I follow through what I set out to learn and to do rather than to delay such actions out of fear. Through seeing how knowledge can set me free, I too commit to cultivating knowledge in others within my tribe through informed decisions and honesty.

Agreement to Courage

In the world when fear is running through society, I face the world with courage, seeing the light within the dim future. I appreciate courage as the foundation of advancement and transcendence within society and therefore, I find the possibilities in the present situation and comprehend the world through such abundant thoughts. I seek to do the deeds that nurture me, my tribe, and my neighbors, including those whom have not done a favor for me.  

I know courage means the bravery to stand for what is right to my moral compass and of my tribe. Armed with courage, I seek to speak what is true regardless of how people shall react to the truth and stand up to injustice when it is present within my tribe or community I reside. I face forward to the future and acknowledge the good and flaws of others in ways that build me and others to the bright future I see.

Agreement to Leadership

I know leadership is a foundational virtue towards accountability and identity. Armed with this knowledge, I, the member of the Dragon Tribe, take responsibility for the actions and words I put forth to say and act. I do it out of honesty, integrity, and responsibility. When I commit a mistake, I acknowledge my own mistake and the damage I caused. I notice actions which repair the damage I cause to myself and others. I take pride in what I and others do. I acknowledge when acknowledgment when needed. I share such responsibility and accomplishments with my members. I put my human being into the actions I do without regrets.

May the virtues I have recited here in this constitution bring me home to who I am, the manifestation of my greatest potential. I, the member of the Dragon Tribe, shall sign and approve this vision of the Dragon Tribe International School.