About the Intentional Community and the Team

The History of the Intentional Community

An intentional Community Leadership Ecovillage Boarding School for Future Generations

The Early Times of the School

Beginnings of Dragon Tribe

The history of the Dragon Tribe intentional community started out first as the Naturopathic Elixir of Life community in 2008. Originally, the founder Andy Lai desire to create an organization where health care access to alternative treatments is accessible to all. However, during his time at Naropa University and the Evergreen State College, his perception changed. He found health relies on not only personal effort but also communal involvement. People desire belonging and inter-dependability to enhance their wellbeing.

The Transformation of the Founder and the New Intentional Community

It is through this knowledge I changed the mission of Dragon Tribe. While I am writing my book, a vision came to me about the community. Immediately, I jot down my ideas. Through those ideas, I created the creed and the educational philosophy I want to teach. Furthermore, with the need to create great and inspirational leaders for generations to come, I came to create the Dragon Tribe community.

Thus, in 2016, I have come to learn Evergreen State curriculum’s effectiveness. I see the bigger picture of learning and it gave fuel to my passion for social welfare and equity as the curriculum transforms me towards being a social leader myself. I learn that through leadership comes with learning and through learning comes exploration. Thus, it is how the community came to incorporate such curriculum, along with many others, into its ways of teaching which led me and many others to create this community. If you like to read about our mission and vision statement, please click here.